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设计单位:弎岛空间制造所 Santo Studio









"When envisioning an ideal home life, the concept revolves around creating individual spaces that effortlessly blend together, cultivating an intimate bond. " Tucked away in a small alley, this dwelling epitomizes the aspirations of a newlywed couple seeking a cohesive and tranquil abode for their family of three. 


Diverging from the conventional approach of sharply delineated spatial layouts, contemporary family structures and the frenetic lifestyle of urban living have heightened the desire for open spaces and ample natural light. Harnessing the advantage of street-facing windows without resorting to extensive renovations, we have incorporated sheer curtains and greenery for a semi-concealed ambience. This design not only avoids a direct line of sight but also invites natural sunlight and lush outdoor views, further complemented by interior elements featuring wooden tones and terrazzo to curate a living space that flourishes in sync with the natural surroundings.


Considering the homeowner's aspirations for more quality time during the parenting phase, with an eye on handling daily chores with ease, we have eliminated physical partitions in public spaces. By employing transparent glass interfaces seamlessly combined with a uniform wooden language, we delicately express the interaction between independent yet intimately connected relationships.



Embracing an open layout, the entire home features a 1/4-circle design, instilling a visual sense of order throughout the space. Ceiling lines and facade axes, meticulously outlined with subtle delineation, offer a discreet yet impactful approach to defining distinct areas within the layout.


Cognizant of the homeowner's affinity for wooden tones and American country style, we conducted a thorough analysis and deconstruction of their preferences. By utilizing light and dark contrasts and playing with the folding of lines and surfaces, we introduced variations in "form" within the space; this included creating American-style cornice effects on the ceiling with wooden beams and employing a herringbone pattern in wood grain for the flooring to signify a country-style design vocabulary.


The axis of light follows this path, gradually immersing itself in undulating variations, unveiling a spectrum of deep and light wood tones, each conveying distinct and vibrant expressions. Within this dimension, what flows is not just light, air and the progression of time but also the profound sense of home and everyday life.

串连光风流动 达至节能循环

Integrative Light and Air Flow for Energy-Efficient Circulation


Light and air circulation are essential considerations when it comes to ensuring a comfortable and lasting residential space. Consequently, our approach involves preserving the existing window views without unnecessary modifications or closures, employing greenery to shield the space from dreary cityscapes and neighboring views. In lieu of physical barriers, glass interfaces are utilized to facilitate the penetration of natural light and extending its reach. This design fosters a well-lit atmosphere without reliance on artificial lighting, especially notable in the dining area during daylight hours. The HVAC system is strategically configured to prioritize the fastest circulation efficiency and the positioning of air vents can be adjusted based on daily needs, without requiring all to be fully open to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature. This arrangement forms a dynamic pathway within the interior, connecting various living spaces and creating a harmonious living environment where light and air coexist.


Beginning with the lines of the TV wall and continuing with the side storage cabinets, a high level of integration is achieved. These cabinets serve to connect the living room, dining area, and foyer, effectively blurring the boundaries between these spaces. While each area maintains its distinct appearance, they are intricately linked, mirroring the emotional connections within a family – gentle, comforting and harmonious.

因应使用情境 弹性调整空间

Adaptable Spatial Configuration Catering to Various Scenarios


To accommodate the homeowner's desire to entertain guests while maintaining a need for private quarters, the design strategically optimizes communal areas by merging the living and dining rooms into a cohesive shared space. The wall behind the dining area serves as both a physical partition and a door, cleverly concealing the handle to create a clean and sleek look. This design allows for independent utilization of each space while maintaining a seamless connection.

拆解风格元素 材质转译变体

Deconstructing Stylistic Elements and Translating Material Variations


Taking inspiration from the homeowner's affinity for wooden tones, we transformed the wooden beams on the public area ceiling into American-style cornices. The flooring, embellished with a herringbone pattern showcasing the natural grain of wood, creates a distinct country-style ambience.  Employing the same material in various forms ensures a consistent and organized visual appeal. Whether for inhabitants or guests, navigating through this space evokes a sense of order, allowing them to appreciate the harmony between materials and lines.


In the transitional area between the dining room and the kitchen, we've employed diverse flooring materials to signify spatial transitions. A corner bar counter has been strategically positioned, allowing visual line of sight to penetrate and creating a distinct but open platform for interactions. This setup makes it convenient for the female homeowner to attend to her family while engaged in cooking. The kitchen layout is designed in an L-shaped workflow for efficient preparation and cooking, providing clear visibility of all necessary items.


设计收费:1500 元/平             

擅长类型: 家装,豪宅,别墅,办公室



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