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贵州观山湖锦江都城酒店设计:古韵新生 龙泉绝景


Project Name: Metropolo Jinjiang Hotel


Location: Guiyang, China


Design Company: JDKJ Design


Chief Designer: Yongfeng Lin


Assistant Designer: Zan Xuan, Zijie Deng, Jinju Lai, Xiaoying Yuan


Area: 12000 square meters


Cost: 36 million


Design Cycle: June 2018


Completion time: February 2020

Main Materials: Classical grey nice wood veneer, Yugoslav white marble, brushed bronze steel, artistic glass brick, 3D three-dimensional printing mural, paint baking board, oak floor, Dongyang wood carving, etc


Client Name: Metropolo Jinjiang Hotel


Photographer: Yu Photography


Han Hong, a poet in Tang dynasty, once wrote like this, “Lucid waters and blue sky are as beautiful as petals flowing on Longquan Spring”. Pearl Spring in Guiyang, also known as Zhuquan Spring or Longquan Spring, is a quite famous natural spring in Guizhou. Engraving people's memory, the Longquan culture in danger is waiting to be awakened in the face of the vicissitude of history.


Adjacent to the Pearl Spring and Metropolo Jinjiang Hotel in Guanshanhu Park is the Longquan Spring landscape, where the scenery mixes with the design by virtue of installations, landscapes and colors, thus building a harmonious life scene with urban life and modern intelligence.


Entering into the hotel, we find that the whole lobby is like a national picture with modern techniques spreading out before us. The antique exhibition platform stands in the center. Taking inspiration from the book Colorful Guizhou, the designer connects different areas into a whole to express the philosophy of the whole design.


Taking inspiration from Guiyang’s ethnic culture totem, the designer decorates the wave-shaped wood carving background wall of the reception desk with Guizhou’s double fish pattern and all kinds of flowers and birds patterns, as well as bronze drum patterns to create a picture scroll of Guizhou landscape with still water and slight waves through different volumes, adding humanistic connotation into the natural feelings. There’s no doubt that that the expression form of Chinese culture is not only the accumulation of images. In terms of furniture selection, the designer pays more attention to the harmony with the geographical context while taking into account the comfort and ease, hoping to meet the demands of tourists' experience on the one hand, and further get the resonance of national brand hotel staff and the extension of views on the other.


Functionality is another key point of the lobby design. In order to provide the most convenient living environment and condition, the whole lobby is free of unnecessary decorations and partitions, greatly improving the visual transparency of the space while highlighting the grand space temperament. Meanwhile, the designer traces the outline of the space with simple lines and blocks, and uses the suitable material to transform the pure and elegant cultural base of Guizhou into visual power, which is both flexible and colorful while full of the healing power of nature.


Thanks to the inspiration from green spring, the designer designs the elevator with a large area of polished stone, so that the ground can reflect different changing light, which perfectly echoes with the culture and artistic atmosphere of the front hall. In addition, the designer makes use of the unique batik technology of Guizhou to attract visitors to pursue the ancient historical context and cultural memory of Guizhou along with the spatial moving line, which represents the finishing touch of the wall.


The All Day Dining maintains Pearl Spring’s cultural intention where the keynote match color of blue and photograph of paint material are united in combination. The modern material with sophisticated technology pledges the sense of flowing water, adding dynamic beauty for the space. The function of the space is also fully considered, and the light of the restaurant is more restrained and neutral, ensuring the material of the objects in the space is more simple, thus showing the natural texture and luster.


The geometric combination of lamps and lanterns connects the most prominent visual focus in the space where the sensory image is in harmony with the building volume and interior atmosphere. In the interlacing of light and shadow, the batik, silver ornaments and all kinds of pictures and texts of Guizhou intangible cultural heritage hang in the restaurant, as if separated from the history, shining with a halo of time.


设计收费:800 元/平             

擅长类型: 酒店、餐饮、会所



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