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Project | 项目名称:Song's Chinese Cuisine | 宋·川菜  

Location | 项目地点:Guangzhou ,China | 中国 广州

Interior Design |主案设计:Ray Wong黄永才 | RMA共和都市

Interior Design Team |设计团队:Jet Wong黄永杰 、Jay Wong王文杰、Eunice Wong王艳玲、Bell Wei韦士康、Jam Chan陈楚佳、Jack Qin覃昭量、Tango Yang杨之毅

Main Supplier | 主材供应商:Weicheng Zhang  张炜诚  |广州市大皇蜂不锈钢制品有限公司

Author | 撰文:San YU | 三愚

Photography | 摄影:Jack Qin覃昭量 | RMA共和都市  Kaijian Lee李开建

Video shooting | 视频:Paul Li | 李童 




For the designer, any past is a prologue.



The Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties have deeply influenced modern China. But in the view of relatively objective Western scholars, the Chinese culture in the modern sense is shaped in Song Dynasty.

哥伦比亚大学 Weatherhead 东亚研究计划的官网上,有这么一段话:

Columbia University ‘s Weatherhead published such a passage on the official website of the East Asian Research Program:

这主要是说,在宋以前,现代中国习以为常的一些文化习惯和现象,并不存在。例如大规模食用稻米、饮茶、人口大爆炸、成体系的儒学、建筑形制中的飞檐等等。因此,虽然有 “汉人”“唐人” 的说法,但事实上今天的我们,更多是“宋人”。宋代也是古东方审美公认的最高峰。因此,从宋代的审美意象中接续出现代设计,最为相宜。

This is mainly to say that before the Song Dynasty, some cultural habits and phenomena that modern China took for granted did not exist. For example, large-scale consumption of rice, tea drinking, population explosion, Confucianism in the system, flying cockroaches in the architectural form, and so on.

Therefore, although there are called "Han people" and "Tang people", in fact, today we are more called"Song people." The Song Dynasty was also the highest peak recognized by the ancient Eastern aesthetics. Therefore, it is most appropriate to continue the modern design from the aesthetic image of the Song Dynasty.


The ancient books”lucky crane map”had recorded: on the second ninght of Lantern Festival in the second year of Northern Song Dynasty , suddenly the sky above the capital, the clouds floated, and the cranes flew over the palace. They hovered for a long time and refused to leave. The two cranes fell on the two tall kisses on the left and right sides of the palace.The people who attracted theimperial palace were astonished and the people on the road stopped to watch.The aerial crane looks like an understanding of the meaning of the person. It seems to be screaming for something, and it does not scatter over time. Later it flies northwest.

史上艺术造诣最高的皇帝宋徽宗目睹此景,落笔画下瑞鹤图。这幅《瑞鹤图》堪称有宋一代文化艺术的巅峰。设计师从中受到启发,撷取了 “鹤羽” 这一微妙的元素,从中建立起新感官的全貌。

In the history of the art, the emperor of the highest emperor, Emperor Huizong Song, witnessed this scene and dropped the paintings “Ruihe”. This "Ruihe" is the pinnacle of the Song Dynasty's culture and art. The designer was inspired by this, taking the subtle elements of “crane feather”and establishing a new look of the senses.


Song’s Chinese Cuisine uses modern materials and design techniques to interpret Chinese restaurants. 100,000 pieces of heterosexual stainless steel bricks and 400,000 pieces of colored feathers constitute the basic form of the Song’s Restaurant.The curving shape of the surface breaks the imagination of the Chinese restaurant and creates a unique spatial experience.

“山有小口,仿佛若有光,复行数十步,豁然开朗。”初步入餐厅,曲折蜿蜒,砖墙贴面,采用 10800 块不锈钢砖复刻中国古典青砖墙,神秘,引人遐想。砖墙上的书柜,陈列着书简古籍,似乎让人能立马抛去外面的都市浮躁,内心变得清净起来。前厅中央的花艺,随着二十四个节气更换;恰逢“秋分”:秋分者,阴阳相半也,故昼夜均而寒暑平。

The ancient poem said: "There is a small mouth in the mountains, as if there is light, and dozens of steps are repeated, and suddenly it is clear." Initially entering the restaurant, the road is winding and winding. The veneer of the brick wall is engraved with 10,800 pieces of stainless steel bricks, which is mysterious and fascinating.The bookcase on the brick wall, showing the manuscripts and ancient books, seems to make people immediately throw away the urban impetuous outside, and the heart becomes clean.The flower in the center of the front hall is replaced with twenty-four solar terms; it coincides with the "autumn minute": the autumnal, the yin and yang are also half, so the day and night ,winter and summer bouth are half.

沿着小径缓步前行,便会遇见硕大的球体。时间是流动的生命,以国漆 12 道复杂的工艺沉淀岁月留下的痕迹,即便剥去华美的外衣,留下的也是最质朴的本真的美!

Walking slowly along the path, you will encounter a huge sphere.Time is a flowing life. With the 12 complicated techniques of the national paint, the traces left by the years are precipitated. Even if the gorgeous coat is stripped, what is left is the most pristine truth and the beauty that shocks the world!


A large glass feather art installation with the theme of " Crane Wing" is on the way through the front hall. The design uses modern materials and design techniques to interpret, through the illumination of the light, reveals a gorgeous dreamy luster, 399,860 pieces of glazed feathers and slender copper columns subtly separate the space, which is opposite to the open kitchen, either open or enclosed. As a unique culture and accumulation of Chinese culture, crane is a symbol of gentleman, noble and honor in Chinese traditional culture, and a symbol of luck and success.

RMA共和都市 创始人 / 创意总监

设计收费:面议 元/平             

擅长类型: 建筑,顶级CLUB,餐饮办公场所,私宅



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